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Time for Phase 2

Phase 2 overview

The Collaborative Sustainability Lab is excited to announce this project is continuing. This time, we hope to join you in this effort. 

We are grateful for all the suggestions and responses on what and how to collaborate from the past few months. Now we can together envision what we can work on together.

You are the BOSS! 

As youth climate justice activists, you are on the front lines working in the climate justice movements.

For Collaborative Sustainability Lab, we value the experts on the front lines.  

What can collaborative research look like?

For many, it may look like grassroots organizing in the scientific field. 

Most of the time, when values align, collaboration can take place. For us, we want climate healing and we value working alongside youths for climate justice. 

Here is a link to a chapter to check out how community psychologists’ various partnerships in the struggle for justice can look like. 

Why collaborate?

From your previous responses there are interests in collaboration in these ways:

[place holders for suggestions]

to work on these projects:

[place holders for project suggestions]

We can do all of those together!


Let us know and someone will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule a sizeable digital gathering to dream up possibilities our collaboration can take us. 


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